Terms and Conditions


These conditions shall apply to the Contract for the supply of goods and/or services by the supplier – “Casa Dezina Interiors pvt ltd ”, to the respective clients to whom they are supplied, to their respective address, the exclusion of all other terms and conditions including any terms and conditions which the Client may purport to apply under any purchase order confirmation or order of similar document.

In performing professional services, Casa Dezina Interiors. shall exercise reasonable care and competence and shall carry out its duties in a professional manner. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient and safe access for items selected and for Red Earth staff to the designated area and that there is sufficient access for our delivery lorry to reach the delivery address.

Stage - Presale (Before 10% payment)

Casa Dezina pvt ltd is not be bound to share any design or documents except for the initial quote towards the customer requirement, however if team Casa Dezina is willing to share any document towards the interior work shall be subject to the interest of M/s Casa Dezina Pvt Ltd. However the proposed designs will not be actual but 80% close to the requirement. rest 20% will vary based on the site condition.

Casa Dezina pvt ltd is not bound to visit the site. The initial quote towards the customer requirement will be based on the floor plan shared by the customer, however if team Casa Dezina is willing to visit the site shall be subject to the interest of Casa Dezina Pvt Ltd. However there will be a minimum fee chargeable towards the site visit.

Casa Dezina will not be held responsible for any timeline until customers pay 10% on initial quote to get into the design in progress phase.

S.No. Price Validity*
1 Initial quote is valid for a 14 days from the issued date
2 Actual quote will be shared based on the site measurement only after the 10% initial payment towards the initial quote.
3 Minimum order should be equal to or more than 1,50,000/-
4 Any initial quote will not include the the cost of civil, plumbing or electrical work, the actual value will be depending on the site condition
5 Any frame & shutter or loft will not be soft close hinges
6 Price for any loose furniture, appliances or light fixtures will be subject to the market value & will be determined only during the purchase of the products. This can fluctuate even after 10% or 40% stage.
7 Final payment should be before the material dispatch & not before final installation so that the timeline & handover of the project can be as per schedule.
8 Penalty clause will not be applicable at any given time if the payment is not as per terms
Upto 10-Year Warranty*

Casa Dezina upto 10 years warranty is only applicable towards the modular products. The warranty applies if the installed products are well maintained and are functionally used only for the domestic purpose only. Any rusting of hardware will not be covered under the warranty as we advise not to use any chemical spray or cleaning agent or fumes etc on the hardware & accessories.

S.No. Warranty Coverage
1 All your modular woodwork is covered under the Casa Dezina’s warranty. This safeguards you against any manufacturing defects.
2 All accessories, hardware and appliances are covered as per the respective Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy.
3 A detailed description of our Warranty Policy is also mentioned in the Casa Dezina Works Contract for your reference. This is applicable to the Works Contract after you are making the 2nd installment payment of 40% of the quote value.
4 Note: Casa Dezina's 10-Year Warranty is applicable for all customers who complete the 100% payment towards interior project cost.
Stage Eligibility Policy
Stage Presale (Before 10% payment) Cancellation after two days from the date of payment of advance 100% refund of the Order Booking Amount ( This policy will not be applicable if any designs are shared & shall deduct 8% of the Quote Value order booking stage as design and marketing costs)
Stage : Sale 10% to 40% (Design In Progress) Cancellation after site measurement No Refund
Stage : Sale 10% to 40% (Design In Progress) Cancellation while designing & after sharing the designs to the customer No Refund
Stage : Sale 10% to 40% (Design In Progress) Cancellation after design Validation at site No Refund
Stage : Sale 10% to 40% (Design In Progress) Cancellation will not be applicable after the Order process. No Refund
Production Stage (50% to 100%) Any time period after 50% payment Customer is bound to make the balance payment
  1 2 3 4
BWP Ply, BWR Ply, Commercial Ply Century Futuretech CD Approved Brand  
MDF Century CD Approved Brand    
Laminate Merina Green Century CD Approved Brand
Edge Band CD Approved Brand      
Hardware & Accessories Hettich Ebco CD Approved Brand  
Glass & Mirror Saint Gobain  Aasahi CD Approved Brand  
Acrylic Senoshan CD Approved Brand    
Membrane Merino CD Approved Brand    
Granite/ Quartz CD Approved Brand          
UPVC Veka Fenesta CD Approved Brand      
Metal Fabrication CD Approved Brand          
Painting Asian Nippon CD Approved Brand      
Appliances Faber Ellica CD Approved Brand      
Furniture CD Approved Brand          
Curtains D’decor CD Approved Brand        
Wallpaper CD Approved Brand          
Shower Cubicles Saint Gobain CD Approved Brand        

Home Automation


CD Approved Brand

1 Fully modular Supply & installation of carcass & shutters both from the factory
2 Semi modular Carpentry work, construction of carcass at site, supply & installation of shutters shall be from factory
3 Custom work Carpentry work of both carcass & shutters at site

Type Categories No. of Days Applicable

Standard Offerings Fully Modular, Appliances 45 days (production & installation)

Additional Services Semi Modular, Wallpaper, Non-Texture Painting 45 days + 15 days

Standard + Additional + others Carpentry , False Ceiling, Electrical Works, Countertop services, Appliances, Lighting , Cleaning Services,Texture Painting, Wooden Flooring, Civil/Renovation activities Depends on the nature of work (Timeline will be shared by the end of design sign off)

Penalty of rs.1000/- is applicable for every day beyond 15 working days after the committed move date.


Applicable to minimum project value should be equal or more than 15,00,000/-


Applicable only in the case of Zero discount projects


Also based on the adherence of payment schedule


No third party vendor should be working parallely at the site.


Subject to unforeseen natural calamities & pandemic


All other industry standards

Stage - Sale
1 Design In progress
(After 10% Initial payment )
2 Production (10% to 50%)
3 Delivery & Installation (50% to 100%)

1 Design In progress
(After 10% Initial payment )
a There is no time cap on design phase & Delivery time is applicable only on post design sign off towards the production & installation.

b The Client will supply all necessary information and give all necessary approvals/decisions to the Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  for the proper and timely execution of the Project. If instructions are not forth-coming the Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  cannot be held responsible for timeline

c The Client will appoint and reimburse for the services of any other consultant or craftsman as requested by the client. We Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd will not be responsible in any way for the competence and performance of their services. In certain circumstances where Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  employs a specialist or craftsman directly, the respective person will be responsible for the proper execution of their work.

d No right or licence is granted under the Contract to the Client under any patent, trademark, copyright, registered design or other intellectual property right except the right to use the goods supplied. In particular the copyright of the Interior Designer in designs supplied remains with the Interior Designer.

e The Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from termination of appointment. Any such notice shall be given by either the Client or the Casa Dezina in writing.

f Times and dates quoted for delivery of goods or materials or completion of any work are to be treated as an approximate estimate based on current trading conditions and the Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  shall not be held responsible for delays outside its control. The lead time quoted is approximate only and given in good faith. Although Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd  will endeavour to keep to this time frame, if goods are delayed for any reason we cannot accept liability for consequential losses as a result.

2 Production
(10% to 50%)
a The fixed timeline delivery date will be determined after completing 3 stages
a.1 Client & Casa Dezina team sign off on the designs
a.2 Accept the work contract (Legal document)
a.3 The payment for 2nd installment (balance 40% of quote value shall be payable to Casa dezina Pvt Ltd)

b Special custom made items cannot be cancelled or altered once manufacturing has commenced or the design sign off is done with the 50% of payment made by the customer. Payment for all such items is required in full. Standard items might be subject to a cancellation charge from the manufacturer or supplier if cancelled.

c “Risk & Title”- the risk to the goods shall pass to the buyer upon delivery of the goods to the registered site address. The title of the goods shall not pass from casa dezina until the price of the goods and services ordered by the customer from Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd is paid in full. Goods may not be rejected for any reason other than that they are defective.

d Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd will not be held responsible for client’s goods left at the premises of the site or his suppliers for whatever reason. Clients are responsible for the insurance of their own goods with their own insurance company.

e Variances in wood, marble and leather etc, are to be expected as no two pieces of furniture, cut from unique materials, can be identical to those that are on display.

f If you chose to relocate your furniture to any private storage facility directly from the Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd warehouse, Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd will deliver your furniture to this location, However, on the arrival of your furniture to the elected facility, no further liability or relocation obligation in respect of your furniture rests with Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd.

g A delivery charge may have been included in your order, any such charges will have been discussed and agreed with you. Full details of our delivery charges are available on request.

h We recommend the use of felt pads, to be put on all furniture legs, and to take extra care when moving furniture around the room to avoid unnecessary damage to wooden or tiled floors.

i Each delivery of goods must be inspected by the customer or nominated representative to confirm receipt of goods. Any complaints in relation to goods having suffered accidental damage prior to delivery must be notified to Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd within 24 hours.

j In order to complete and deliver your interior design project, we (Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd) may need to share your contact details with our suppliers appointed delivery team and technicians.

You hereby agree and consent to the provision of such details (without further contact with you) to the delivery team and technicians for this purpose.

k In the event that you notify us of an issue and/ or defect with your furniture order post- delivery, we (Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd) may need to share your contact and delivery details with our/our suppliers appointed technicians in order for the technicians to assess, inspect, repair, remove or replace such product. You hereby agree and consent to the provision of such details (without further contact with you) to the technicians for this purpose.

l In the event that a product defect or health and safety concern is notified to us (Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd) in relation to the product which you have ordered/purchased, you will be notified by us all as soon as is reasonably practicable. In such circumstances, you hereby agree and consent to the provision of your contact details (without further contact with you) to the product supplier and/or other necessary/ relevant third parties, strictly for the purposes of assessing, inspecting, repairing, removing or replacing such product on order to prevent injury or other damages to your health and/or prevent serious loss or damage to your property.

m Your contact details will not be provided by us (Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd) to the product supplier and/or other necessary relevant third parties for any other purpose (other than those expressly set out in this agreement) without your prior agreement.

n Casa dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd will comply with its data controller’s obligations in respect of contact details provided and the lawful processing thereof, having regard to the obligations imposed by the Section 43A of the IT Act

o These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Indian Laws. Please sign to indicate your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

3 Delivery & Installation
(50% to 100%)
1 Respective client to ensure balance 50% has to be paid 3 days prior to fixed date of dispatch of materials
2 Following are the factors that affect the time of installation & delivery of completed work at site.
a Any restrictions on work timings during the day.
b Scope of client's vendor work pending for eg. any Civil,  Electrical work, granite counter top work or installation of appliances.
c Possession of site is not allowed by the builder
d Any third party contractor work like Painting, WallPaper, Wooden Flooring or Carpentry Work during installation, and work being executed by the builder such as civil works, core-cutting, painting etc
e Abnormal hindrances in execution like Continuous Lack of Power, Non-Working Lifts, No Permission from Builder, etc
f If the client are living at the site at the time of installation
g Force majeure event occurs
h Casa Dezina Interiors Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for any Loss or theft of materials at site.
i Any shade difference, deep scratches after peeling of protective liner or dysfunctions of hardware after cleaning by the casa dezina team will be replaced & installed by Casa Dezina. This will be considered as snag.
Stage - Post Sale
1 What is casa dezina Care? - It is our warranty program towards the modular products & post installation service towards all the products supplied & installed by Casa Dezina
2 Whom do I contact? - Write to us at, our executive will contact you within 2 working days.
3 Do I have to pay for this service? - Depending on the nature of service & warranty timeline our executive will advise you on if it is chargeable or not.
4 Casa Dezina offers upto 10-year warranty. What does this cover? - Ref. Warranty clause