Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Planning a Home renovation project is a huge undertaking as it involves a lot of brainstorming, research, expert consultations, financial planning and whatnot. What’s even more taxing is executing the project in real-time. Don’t worry, Casa Dezina are here for you

If you are willing to update your home, improve the aesthetics or even increase its sale value, then you can go in for a home renovation project. Though renovation can take place even in newer homes, it is still most commonly associated with older homes as they come up with more complicated structural issues. This is typically because things were made very differently back then. Hence, home renovation for older homes present costly challenges which aren’t very pleasing to the pockets, a few of which are:

  • Build a Detailed Home Improvement Project Plan. ...
  • Set a Project Budget. ...
  • Hire Contractors. ...
  • Build a Timeline. ...
  • Pack Up and Prepare for Your Home Renovation. ...
  • Ask Your Contractor Plenty of Questions. ...
  • Plan for Problems When Renovating. ...
  • Complete Structural Projects First.
Steps to follow in Renovations

Did you know that specific colors can help make a small room appear bigger? If you want more renovation ideas for small homes, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over renovation tips for small houses.

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Lighting can make your hallways and rooms appear either small or bigger. Try to use bright light in your home.

Mirrors can enhance your lighting, add dimension to a small space, and brighten the decor.

Replace older curtains with stylish and modern blinds. Blinds will help let the light in and keep your home private.

You can find different materials and designs that will match the style of your home. Some people prefer fabric roller blinds or Venetian blinds made from aluminum.

Inside walls can break up space in a smaller home. Rooms aren’t always functional and feel too tight.

You’ll see this with dining rooms. An eat-in kitchen in a small home can feel cramped.

Is the dining room and kitchen adjacent but separated by a common wall? Consider hiring a contractor to remove that wall to open up space.

What about the living room and dining room? You could also remove the wall there to create a more open and functional space. Removing walls will brighten a smaller home as well.

Neutral wall colors can often cause an illusion of more space. If you choose gray tones, you can use different tones for various rooms. Select a paint color and look for the different values on the color strip.

You could use the lightest color on the strip in your home’s darkest area, like a hallway. Use darker colors to highlight architecture in your kitchen or dining area. Mid-tones are great for bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you want a brighter color, you could paint an accent wall. Some color pallets that work well in smaller homes are ice blues, whites, yellows, and gold.

To maximize storage in a small home, you can ask contractors to build more shelving. You can make the most of every inch in your home.

Cabinets will help contain useful items and keep your home from appearing cluttered.

A custom-built buffet in a dining area is a great storage space for glasses, linens, and dishes.

Install extra shelving in bedrooms, so you have a place to store books. Make sure your closet space has enough shelves, as well.

When decorating your smaller home, you want to make sure you don’t fill every free space. Instead, choose items that reflect your style and go well with your home decor.

Put away things into storage, or get rid of duplicates. Look for quality furniture that will last. Make sure you love the new decor piece before bringing it home.

Sliding doors will open up a room, so an outdoor space is easy to access and functional. Windows will let natural light in, and make your indoor spaces feel airy and light.

Consider installing windows in your ceiling. A sunroof will bring sunshine and warmth into your home.

At night, you can stargaze from the comfort of your home. If you have a dark area, solar tubes are an affordable and practical solution.

You can renovate and design a multi-purpose space. Your living room could also double as a guest room. Replace your couch with a convertible sofa bed or futon.

A guest room could also act as a home office. Pick up a comfortable chair and stylish desk. Look for fold-away furniture as well, if you’re short on space.

What do you place inside your closet? You can use the smallest spaces in your home and turn it into a productive hideaway.

Space below the staircase can get renovated into a wine cellar or mini-library. A contractor can come in and install new shelving. You could even add a lamp and some cushions for a cozy reading nook.

Use all the space in your home and transform it above a stairwell by building a loft. Do you have high ceilings? Transform all that open space into a loft and use it for a reading space or extra bedroom.

If you have guests coming to stay the night, you will have a cozy space for them to sleep.

We know that color can make rooms feel small or big. Color can also affect the mood and atmosphere of your home. Darker colors can make rooms feel enclosed or gloomy, while lighter colors can open up space.

Consider the same thing when you’re renovating your floors or walls. Stick with light and neutral colors.

Bold and bright colors can come out in your home decor. Adding a patterned rug or a colorful art piece will add personality and character to your home.

Now You Have Some Renovation Ideas for Small Homes

We hope these home renovation ideas were helpful. Take the time to consider these renovation ideas for small homes when you plan your redesign.

Pick colors that will make your room bigger and rework your lighting.

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